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You've reached the home of the One Hour Guitar Program. Here you can sign up for the course, log-in if you’re already a member, or browse the various other pages of the site.

One Hour Guitar is a really new program. It’s designed to take all the hard mental work out of learning the guitar – we all know we've got to practice every day, but doing the same thing over and over again is boring, and trying to find holes in your playing and making sure that you’re covering every aspect of learning guitar is deceptively painstaking.

That’s why I developed This site isn't run by a huge sales team, or a massive company. I'm not a writer for some guitar magazine, looking to up-sell you to the latest greatest gear or tell you you’ll never sound good without X piece of technology. In fact, you can read about who I am and why I've created this course on the Manifesto page.

So what is the course? Essentially, you get an email every single day. In that email will be a link to the day’s lesson. The day’s lesson will be on a variety of topics, depending on where we are in the course. For instance, the first month gives you an overview of how scales are built in Western Music – so by the end of the month you’ll be able to create and play every major scale there is. Oh, and we’ll cover how to play it in finger style and with a plectrum. Also, you’ll get some simple sight reading exercises.

This isn't a theoretical course. It’s not a course where you’re given exercises that you’re never going to play after saying, “Oh, that’s cool.” Instead, it’s built entirely of lessons about stuff you’ll actually use – and every lesson has a handful of exercises designed to take you an hour to master.

If you want to read more about the course or want to get a membership (There’s a private forum for course members) then you can click to go to the One Hour Guitar course here.

There's also a blog, where I occasionally write about guitar related things for your education and amusement. You can click to read that here.

If there’s anything else you need to know, then you can use the contact page, which you can get to by clicking this link.